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See ROCK FAQs for more details about suitable applications and photos of our products

Resource Geology:

 High quality, dense, fine grained basalt - S.G. 2.8 tonne/m³

 Pre Coated Screenings:

7mm 10mm 14mm 16mm 20mm

Aggregate Screenings:

7mm 10mm 14mm 16mm 20mm

Washed Screenings:

10mm 7/10mm mix

Unspecified Screenings:

7mm 10mm 14mm 16mm 20mm

Roadbase -

Top Course: 2.1/CBR80 2.2/CBR60

Roadbase -

Bottom Course: 2.3/CBR45 2.4/CBR35 2.5/CBR15

Crushed Overburden: Pad Mix/CBR15

Crusher Run

Ballast / drainage (screened):

40-50mm 30-75mm

Rock Spalls (screened):

75-150mm 75-250mm

Stone Pitching Rock:

100-300, 200-400, 300-500, 400-600mm (machine sorted)

Armour Rock:
500-700, 600-800, 700-900, 800-1000mm (machine sorted)

Shot Rock

Crusher Dust:

< 7mm


Various product types available

Customised Rock

Talk to us about your special project requirements


Many cartage contractors in the greater area have their vehicles registered with the quarry,

providing delivery flexibility for individual customer requirements

See our 'Cartage Contractor' page for details of some of the haulage operators who service our area


30 Day Account (Subject to Application and Approval. Contact us for details)

Cash or Cheque (payable upon collection of material)

Visa & Mastercard also accepted

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