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Product Uses and Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Paverock Quarry produces a variety of products from a high quality basalt rock 

deposit (S.G 2.8 tonnes m3) which is blasted, crushed and screened on site.

Our Basalt rock is a dense, fine grained rock which is grey/blue in colour. 

Rock which is taken from near the surface of the deposit may be slightly reddish in colour due to 

weathering and staining from the local red dirt.

* * *

Our main product types (with other commonly used names) are listed below with descriptions of how each type of material may be used.

* * *

Road Base Top Course / 2.1 / CBR80 (Pictured)

(Similar products - 2.2 / CBR60)

Rock sized 28mm down to 5mm mixed with extra crusher dust to increase compaction. Little or no 

clay/binder is added. This premium product is used for road building and is a suitable base for 

asphalt overlay

Road Base Bottom Course / 2.3 / CBR45

Rock product similar to Top Course but with more clay or binder added. Often used by Councils on gravel roads as it compacts well and stands up to regular traffic use

* * *

Crushed Overburden / Pad Mix / CBR15 / D Class

Rock from 32mm down, mixed with clay and binders. Lower in cost, it is often used on domestic 

roadways. For best results this product should be very well compacted.

Can be ‘top dressed’ with aggregate for visual appeal.

Also used for leveling site pads where a stable mix is required or as a general fill material.

* * *

Crusher Dust / Cracker Dust

Very fine crushed rock, from approximately 7mm down to dust. Used in pathways, driveways, under concrete slabs 

and under water tanks.

Easy to rake or shovel, it can also be used as top dressing on lawns or as fertiliser due to the high mineral content of the rock.

* * *

Screenings / Aggregate / Concrete aggregate (20mm pictured)

Rock which is crushed and screened to provide a clean, consistently sized, premium product which 

is regularly tested for quality. Used by concrete companies and bitumen contractors in applications 

requiring testing for quality control.

Sizes available:

7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm

* * *

Pre-coated Screenings

Clean screenings which have been coated in a tar based product. Used to create sealed roadways, the ‘pre-coating’ ensures the bitumen will stick to the stone.

* * *

Unspecified Screenings / Drainage Gravel (16mm pictured)

Crushed and screened second class rock. Not tested for quality, this product may include dis-

coloured rock, minor contaminants and slight variations in size. Lower in cost, this product may be 

used in drainage applications, on domestic driveways and as a garden ‘mulch’. Sometimes also 

used in domestic situations as a component in ‘builders mix’ for concrete. Please note: unspecified 

screenings are a by-product of the crushing process and availability can vary.


7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm

* * *

Ballast / Spalled Rock / Trench Rubble (Ballast 25/40mm pictured)

Crushed and screened rock of a larger size than the Screenings. Various applications include 

railway ballast, drainage for septic tank soakage drains, topping for access roads where bulky 

material is required due to water inundation.

Larger size spalled rock may also be used in gabion / rock baskets or filling washout holes where 

specific sizing is preferred.

Sizes available:

25-40mm, 30-75mm, 75-150mm

* * *

Shot Rock

Unsorted rock of all sizes - as it was blasted from the site. A very economical material due to 

the lack of handling, shot rock is used to fill holes and reduce erosion where water is a problem.

Shot rock typically includes very large rocks down to dust and clay as collected by the excavator.

Smaller quantities may be hand picked by clients from an existing stockpile near the weighbridge 

for garden edging or stone walls etc.

* * *

Stone Pitching Rock / Spalled Rock (300-500 Spalls pictured)

Larger sized rock which has had limited sorting to exclude very large or very small material. Sorting 

is done by an excavator and sizing can only be approximate. As this product is usually made to 

order, we recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements prior to pickup.

(Larger rocks are only carried by a limited number of cartage contractors due to potential damage 

to truck bodies. We recommend sourcing a suitable carrier before placing your order).


Various from: 100-300mm up to 800-1000mm.

Large individual rocks also available.

* * *

Special Requirements

If you have an unusual job or specification, contact us to discuss your needs.

* * *

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